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White Gold Birthstone Necklace, 18k Gold Plated Necklace with 1ct Birth Stone Swarovski Crystal, Birthstone Jewelry for Women - MSRP - 109

Designer: The Iconic Shop


  • OCTOBER BIRTHSTONE NECKLACE - This Birth Stone Gold necklace are the most popular new fashion trend of the season. Featuring 1Ct. genuine round cut Swarovski gemstone, while being set in 18k White Gold Plating for true luxury.
  • BIRTHSTONE JEWLERY - Birthstones date back to ancient times when the Greeks, Egyptians, Romans, & Indians all assigned different gemstones to each month of the year. Legend has it that wearing a birthstone during its month boosts its healing and therapeutic powers.
  • GIFTS FOR WOMEN - Birthstones are a fantastic way to add a special meaning to jewellery and make great gifts to mark a birthday, anniversary, graduation or other memorable occasion.Using these birthday stones in the assigned months was to provide spiritual healing and keep away evil spirits
  • OCTOBER BIRTHSTONE COLOR - Pink Tourmaline originates from a word meaning lemon and often thought to help with digestion and removal of toxins. In ancient times, it was often worn in a talisman to protect themselves against evil thoughts and also snake venom.
  • RISK FREE MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – Our #1 priority is a positive customer experience for you. Unlike many others in the industry, Cate and Chloe values our customers! If you are not happy we will make sure your product is returned free of charge to you

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